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Diamond Royal Tack Loyalty Club


Diamond Royal Tack is proud to present our new Loyalty Club!



What is it? 

The Loyalty Club lets you earn points by purchasing your favorite items at Diamond Royal Tack as well as just visiting the store, sharing social media posts, trying new products, or attending special events! Watch for special promotions to earn double points and fun contests as well!


What do I do with my points? 

Spend them on great rewards!   We have standard rewards like $5 and $10 off  vouchers but will also have special rewards from time to time like bonus discounts, giveaways, and new product trials!


Does it cost anything to join?

No!  Our Loyalty Club is free to join as a way to say thank you to our customers!


Do I have to share my information to join?

We do need some information in order to keep you informed and to send you your rewards.  Information required is a first and last name and e-mail address.   Other information is optional but helps us tailor the club to your shopping habits and info (birthday rewards, frequently purchased item discounts, etc.)   As always any information you provide Diamond Royal Tack is just for our use.   We do not share or sell your information in any way.  


I was part of your old Incentive club—what happens to that?

Our Incentive Club was offered for several years, but was limited in what we could offer with it.   Also it was tied to our old point of sale system so unfortunately we can no longer use it.   However we feel you will like our new club much better as it has so much more to offer for rewards, points accumulate faster, and it is more accurate.   If you had accumulated points on our old Incentive Club you can receive a  gift card for any rewards you earned in 2017 whether or not you join our new Loyalty Club.  Just ask at the counter next time you stop in the store. 


How do I sign up?


Visit our Loyalty Club homepage here: 

You can also pick up a sign up form from our store.   Once you sign up you will get a confirmation e-mail with a personal QR code to use on your smartphone.  

I don't have a smartphone, can I still join?

Of course!   Plastic club cards are available if you don’t have a smartphone or if you just prefer that.   Cards are issued when you sign up in store or available for pick up at the store if you sign up at home.  You can sign in to see your points and select rewards from any internet enabled device.  If you're not tech savvy we can help you get set up!  As long as you let us know you're a member of the Loyalty Club at checkout you'll earn points! 


I've joined the Loyalty Club and want to see my points and redeem rewards!

Great!  Seeing your accumulating points and choosing rewards is easy!   At our Loyalty Club Homepage you can see points, select vouchers or other rewards, and update contact information.  Sign in using your member number or your e-mail.  (You can set up a password if you wish)  Go to our Loyalty Club Home page here:




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