Beyond the Barn

Open longer hours and 7 days a week our products are even easier to shop at our new location in Duluth MN!  A small store but full of fun, Beyond the Barn features our best sellers and exclusive styles for western wear, farm life, and equestrian apparel!   Stop by and see all the cute boots, western apparel, farm life decor, jewelry, and gifts.

Styles turn over fast at Beyond the Barn, so be sure to visit often as we get weekly shipments of new products.   Beyond the Barn is packed with lots of fun things to shop and discover!  


Don't forget a visit to Beyond the Barn Tackroom!   We have a second store in the Miller Hill Mall that is a supplemental tack store to Beyond the Barn.  It features tack, riding gear, helmets, english apparel and our repair and customizing services.   New tack shipments are coming in regularly so although a little cramped at the moment it carries all the essentials and more!  Both Beyond the Barn stores will move into our expanded space in the Miller Hill Mall in June of 2019!

Beyond the Barn operates full Mall hours while Beyond the Barn Tackroom is slightly shorter hours.  If you need a specific item and would like to pick it up during Tackroom's off hours just give us a call ahead of your visit and we can have the item or items waiting for you at our Beyond the Barn main store. 


Beyond the Barn and Beyond the Barn Tackroom are located in the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth Minnesota.
1600 Miller Trunk Hwy

Beyond the Barn

Mon-Sat. 10am to 9pm
Sun. 11am to 6pm


Beyond the Barn Tackroom

Mon-Sat. 10am to 6pm
Sun. Closed